QuickLinks is a fortnightly newsletter distributed by Girl Guides Victoria for Leaders and Managers within the community, to stay updated on important administrative updates, upcoming events, workshops and more.

QuickLinks is distributed to your inbox and is a great source of information about what the internal processes are within the Guiding community, and also important updates in this ever-changing climate.

Every edition of QuickLinks begins with an update from Girl Guides Victoria Assistant State Commissioner, Deb Abbs.

While each newsletter is varied in content, often Leaders and Managers can expect to read about updates to Awards, Programs, and Leadership Training opportunities.

Fundraiser programs, volunteering opportunities, and state-wide events are also a part of the broad range of content offered in QuickLinks for Leaders and Managers.

You can send your event and submissions to communications@guidesvic.org.au, with the title “Quicklinks Submission” and the corresponding month and year you are posting in. E.g Quicklinks Submission – March 2022.