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Gone Home

The founding father of JOTA, Mr Les Mitchell passed away 6 Oct 2014. 

The World Organization has given some thought as to how we can have a moment of remembrance for Les in this upcoming JOTA/JOTI weekend and the  World JOTA/JOTI organising committee have requested : On Saturday 18 October at 12:00 UTC we will have 1 minute full radio- and internet silence. Further info

Swap Badge Competition
Would you like to design the next swap badge for the Shop? If so, here is the information.

Guiding Spotlight
JOTA/JOTI 18/19 Oct 2014
Well done to those who travelled the world via Internet and Radio waves in Cranbourne to participate in the 57th JOTA/JOTI.

A huge thank you to Karen Ashton-Bradbury for organising this event for the benefit of our Members.  

Even if you don't participate in JOTA 2014, you can still include activities found on the GGA website in your unit's program any time of the year, explore the information here and think about planning your District or Unit event for next year.

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