What Do Girl Guides Do?

Girl-Led Guiding

At Girl Guides, we believe that girls of every age have the capacity to be actively involved in, and ultimately take ownership of, all aspects of their Girl Guide Experience. Girls develop curiosity through hands-on learning, and engage in relevant activities based on their own interest.

When given the opportunity and support they need, girls enthusiastically take charge of all aspects of their Girl Guiding Experience. Girls desire to be more involved and have time and space to revel in the possibilities available to them.

‘Girl-Led’ is an integral part of providing the best opportunities for girls of all ages to be the best version of themselves. Girl-Led allows girls to participate in experiences that connect them to their identity and to our world.

In short,

When girls have opportunities to take the lead in their own learning and discovery, and Leaders nurture their curiosity and support their self-development, we call this Girl-Led.

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Australian Guiding Program

The Australian Guide Program is a non-formal educational program based on shared leadership and decision-making at all ages.

There are four main elements in the Australian Guide Program (AGP): Physical, People, Practical, and Self. The program includes a variety of fun activities that focus on self-development in the areas of practical skills, physical development and relationships with people, appropriate to age and interests. Guides of all ages are involved in decision-making, planning, implementing and evaluating their activities. Within her Unit, the Guide will be a member of a Patrol (4-8 girls), where experiences are shared. Guiding all about being part of a team. Leadership development begins with the youngest Guides, and develops as the girls mature.


Guides set themselves challenges to carry out to the best of their ability. There are badges and awards to be gained, however earning badges is only a small (but fun!) part of being a Guide. Girl Guides Australia have more information about badges and what’s involved.

Other Programs

Guides in Schools

The ‘Guides in Schools’ program provides opportunity for girls in diverse communities to attend Girl Guides programs in a school setting. This enables access for girls to Guide programs that may otherwise be unable to attend due to a range of complex issues. Volunteer leaders deliver the program during the school lunch break. These programs are subsidised and supported by the school and local community. The State Government of Victoria, Office of Youth Affairs, has provided funding to establish these programs in selected areas.

Community Guiding

The Girl Guides Community outreach programs engage girls and young women in Guide activities through developing connections with local community and cultural groups. Through intensive consultation, new Guide groups are established in a format that enable the participation of girls that may otherwise be unable to attend existing Guide units.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a leading non-formal education youth development program, empowering young Australians aged 14-24 to explore their full potential and find their purpose, passion and place in the world.

Girl Guides Victoria is proud to deliver the Award to youth members aged 14+ and Olave and adult members aged 18-25. The Award will challenge you to extend your abilities by regularly participating in a Skill, Physical Recreation and Voluntary Service activity, as well as taking part in an Adventurous Journey. Learn more here.