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Brit Park Climbing Tower

Britannia Park has a new Climbing Tower

Due to the inclement weather we have recently had, and are anticipating to receive over the weekend, in the interest of everyone’s safety, the Tower Training will be cancelled, and […]

Online Leadership & Management Qualification Training 2023

Want to develop your Guiding and Leadership skills in 2023? Have a look at what is on offer! New in 2023, both Leadership & Management trainings will now be offered […]

Online Mentor Training 2023

The Online Mentor Training is suitable for Leaders & Managers who have been qualified for 2+years, wanting to support a new Leader or Manager in gaining their Leadership/Management Qualification. Looking […]

Conduct a Camp Training 2023

The Conduct a Camp Training is suitable for qualified Leaders or Managers and Olaves who wish to conduct Indoor Camps or Outdoor Camps at Established Campsites or Bush Campsites. Leaders […]