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Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Did you know that one in four young Australians currently have a mental health condition? Did you know that half of all mental health disorders start by the age of […]

Learning Partner Training & Update 2021

Looking to be re-appointed as a Learning Partner for the next 3 years? Wanting to be appointed as a Learning Partner? This training is for you! Learning Partner Training will […]

Conduct a Camp Leader Training 2021

This training covers everything you need to know to take Girl Guides Indoor or Outdoor camping. The Conduct a Camp Leader Training is suitable for qualified Leaders or Managers who […]

Online Management Training 2021

Managers are the keystone of their areas: supporting and facilitating their volunteers just as the volunteers support the girls. Training consists of three Zoom sessions. Online Management Training covers content […]

Unit Leadership Qualification Training 2021

Leadership Qualification training is suitable for Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders working on their Leadership Qualification Passport. Prior to attending Unit Leadership Training, please complete: Your Induction form (p.6 […]