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Inclusion and Empowerment – For Every Girl

Are you looking for additional behaviour guidance strategies, skills on the inclusion of girls’ additional needs, and how to talk to parents about girls’ progress? Inclusion and Empowerment – For […]

Centralised Fees Teleconference

Do you have questions about how Centralised Fees work? For example, have you wondered how you will charge different fees to different Guides in your Unit (for example, for the […]

Becoming a Manager

Managers are the keystone of their areas: supporting and facilitating their volunteers just as the volunteers support the girls. This one-day training develops the practical skills of Guides management: administration […]

Conduct a Camp Leader Training

This training covers everything you need to know to take Girl Guides Indoor or Outdoor camping. Day 1 is ‘Camp One, Camp All’, theory for Indoor and Outdoor Camps; and […]

Unit Leadership Qualification Training

All Victorian Unit Leader trainings will now follow a shortened one-day format, and should be working from the Australian National Passport dated March 2019. It is hoped that most new […]

Leading Volunteers

This is a one day face to face people skills training day covering some standard content with the remainder of the content tailored to the needs of the group. Leading […]

2019 Webinars: Managing Operational Risk and Guiding Orientation

Effective immediately, Guiding Orientation and Managing Operational Risk Webinars will no longer be available. Both webinars will soon be available as online modules on eGuiding (GGA’s new Learning Management System), […]

2019 Training and Events Calendar

Exciting news! The Girl Guides Victoria 2019 Training and Events Calendar is here! Exciting and inspiring events are a great part of the Girl Guides Victoria experience! We have a […]