What Do Girl Guides Do?

When girls join a local Guide Unit, they become part of a friendly group and community of like-minded young people. Every Unit is run differently, because each Unit is guided by its volunteer members and what they want to explore within their own interests in guiding. With help from their Unit Leader, Girl Guides are given the space to try everything from Community Service, to Crafts and Cooking, to Camping and Canoeing.

What’s the Age Range?

All girls between the ages of 5 and 17 are eligible to become Girl Guides, also called Youth Members. Units can be for smaller age ranges (e.g, ages 5-7) or for wider age ranges (e.g, ages 5-17).

You can get an idea of what Units and age ranges are in your area by using our finder and submitting an enquiry.

Can We Try it Out? How Does that Work?

Yes! All girls are welcome to come along and experience Girl Guides. Once you’ve submitted an enquiry, we’ll put you in touch with the Leader of the Unit you’re interested in joining . Your child can come to 3 trial meetings. If she decides she wants to continue, she’ll need to sign up as a member. All fees will be charged from the day that she started with us. If she decides that Girl Guides is not for her, no fees will be charged for the trial sessions.


Girl Guides is a Non-Profit Organisation (NFP), so we keep our fees are low as we can.

There are two (2) fees every term:

  • The Membership fee: $85 per term, or a discounted fee of $305 for four terms. The membership fee goes to Girl Guides Victoria HQ, and pays for things like insurance and training for the volunteers.
  • The Unit Fee varies depending on the Guide Unit. This fee pays for things like activities for the girls, and the upkeep of the Guide Hall.
  • Once of Joining Fee of $15.00 when joining online or $25.00 for paper applications.
  • Uniform: starting at $31.50
  • Extra-curricular activities can include: excursion, overnight stays, camps etc. These activities are all optional.

 What Happens When a Girl Guide turns 18?

There are many ways that Guides continue to be part of the Guiding community after they turn 18.
Some of these ways include:

Would You Like to Come to a Guide Group?

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Updated January 2024.