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Guiding News

Have you subscribed to our monthly community newsletter, Guiding News?   Subscribe to Guiding News by emailing us today Guiding News is a monthlly newsletter distributed by Girl Guides Victoria […]

A Day in the Life of a Girl Guide

Tell all your Girl Guide friends! We can’t wait to see you at A Day In the Life of a Girl Guide. Come along and hear how being a Girl […]

girl guide biscuits

2021 Girl Guides Biscuit Fundraiser!

Girl Guides biscuits are an iconic component of Guiding and a delicious, exciting way to help support members of the Guiding community. During 2020, biscuits sales from both in-person and […]

Minus18 x Girl Guides Victoria Webinar

Thanks to a successful grant obtained from the Pride Events & Festivals Fund, all members and supporters of Girl Guides Victoria are invited to come along to a webinar hosted […]