As an adult volunteer with Girl Guides Victoria you will join over a thousand volunteers who provide opportunities for girls and young women to build their confidence, resilience and develop new skills as well as learning some new tricks yourself.

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We offer a variety of opportunities for volunteers – from supporting a weekly (Unit) meeting, assisting us to communicate via social media to undertaking leadership roles in management or working directly with the girls. All volunteering contributions are valued and each role supports the development of the girls. If you aren’t sure of what you would like to do, just click the button below and we can help you out!

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If you would like to volunteer with Girl Guides Victoria, you first need to meet or speak with one of our current volunteers (see “Start Here” above, if you’re not sure what to do!). Once you know what you’d like to do, our current volunteer will nominate you and then we’ll start the process off by sending you an email on what to do to get started.
This email will go over the five things that we will ask you to help us with:

1. Satisfactory answers to some simple background questions
2. Two satisfactory character references
3. An approved Police Check (or Victorian Institute of Teachers, VIT card)
4. An approved Working with Children Check (or VIT card)
5. Completed member registration details (including our Code of Conduct)

You’ll receive information on all of these things, once you’ve worked out what your volunteer role will be (see “Start Here” in the section above!).

All of these steps must be completed prior to starting any volunteering role.

Girl Guides Victoria has always had strong processes to comply with the law and ensure that girls’ safety comes first. As of January 2017, the Victorian Government introduced new legislation for managing staff and volunteers who come in contact with children; this process now strengthens our previous practice and complies with the legislation.

Are you a current volunteer?

If you’re a current volunteer and you have met with a potential volunteer that you’d like to register with us, just click the button below, log into your account and fill out the details:

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If you’re a current volunteer with Guides Victoria, you might want to look at the latest volunteer roles available for you to stretch your wings.

If you’re a current volunteer, and you want to know how to register new volunteers – here’s a brochure you can download that has all the information you’ll need.

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Who needs to be checked and who doesn’t?

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We look forward to welcoming you as a volunteer with Girl Guides Victoria.