Trefoil Guild

The Trefoil Guild aims to build support for Guiding, and creates an influence for good in the community.

Read on to learn more about what the Trefoil Guild is all about!

Being a Trefoil Guild member is a rewarding addition to being part of Girl Guides Victoria. We encourage all women over eighteen to consider joining a Guild, or perhaps starting their own. 

For more information about Victorian Trefoil Guilds, please contact Victoria’s Trefoil Guild Adviser, Jill Livingston, for more information

The Trefoil Guild is an adult component of Guiding, whose membership includes:

  • Women who are former or current members of Guiding.
  • Women who have not previously been members of Guiding but who are prepared to make the Guide Promise.
  • Women who have been members of Guiding / Girl Scouting internationally.
  • Female current or former members of the Scout Association.
  • Female active or retired Support Group members who have made the Guide Promise.

Members aim to keep the spirit of the Guide Promise and Law alive by belonging to a Guild which provides opportunities for friendship and giving service to Guiding and the community.

When members make the Trefoil Guild Promise, they receive a Promise Badge and may wear the Trefoil Guild dress or the Girl Guides Australian uniform.

Each Guild plans its own program and decides its own meeting time and place.

Interested in joining the Trefoil Guild or starting up a new Guild?

Victorian Trefoil Guild Adviser: Jill Livingston


Trefoil Guild Newsletter

The Victorian Trefoil Guild Newsletter is sent from the Trefoil Guild Adviser to all Guilds during the last week of each month and includes information on activities and events.





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