Sangam, India: Living Your Song 2019

Come to Sangam and immerse yourself in this unique program which will guide you on a path to ‘Living Your Song’ in your daily life.

Explore ways to:

  • Call up your authentic voice, and renew your own sense of joy and free expression
  • Tap into new inspiration and cultivate your creativity through song, story, and vocal exploration
  • Remember and increase your restoration skills with daily yoga, meditation, singing, and creative movement
  • Identify your unique gifts so you can be part of transforming yourself and the world

Melinda Caroll and Jen Barron will lead you on a journey through movement to creative expression. We will use very accessible movement modalities and various forms of creativity. These enable everyone to find their unique voice.

You will experience an original song writing session with Melinda. There will also be plenty of fun Sangam moments, plus connecting with Community Partners and immersing yourself in Indian culture.

When: 15-21 April 2019
Where: Sangam, Pune, India
Who: Youth members 16-17, Adult members 18+
Australian closing date: 30 November 2018

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