Girl Guides Victoria Welcomes New Defibrillator at Heathmont Lakkari Guides Hall

A life-saving defibrillator has recently been installed at the Heathmont Lakkari Guides Hall, thanks to a joint effort between Maroondah City Council, member of the Parliament of Victoria Nick McGowan, and St John Ambulance Victoria.

This critical addition is now available for public use 24/7, marking a significant milestone in strengthening the safety and wellbeing of residents in the area.

Heathmont Lakkari Guides were the first to the lay eyes on the newly installed defibrillator at a recent launch, also attended by St John Ambulance Victoria and member of the Parliament of Victoria Nick McGowan.

Under the guidance of Mr McGowan and St John Ambulance Victoria, our enthusiastic Guides not only familiarised themselves with the device, but also learned vital first aid skills and how to seek assistance in an emergency.

According to recent data from the Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry (VACAR), approximately 7,830 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occurred in 2022-23 in Victoria alone. Shockingly, less than 5% of individuals survive without immediate CPR and defibrillation. However, with the presence of publicly accessible defibrillators like the one at the Heathmont-Ringwood Guide Hall, survival rates can witness a significant improvement.

“We believe that with more urgent action and increased accessibility to defibrillators, survival rates will see a notable rise,” remarked a spokesperson from St John Ambulance Victoria. The organisation aims to elevate sudden cardiac arrest survival rates to 15% within the next five years through initiatives like the Defib in Your Street program.

Accessible defibrillators not only enhance community safety but also alleviate pressure on emergency services, enabling prompt responses by trained individuals. Girl Guides Victoria remains committed to empowering its members and the broader community with essential life-saving skills, ensuring a safer and more resilient future for all.

For more information on the Defib in Your Street program and other initiatives by St John Ambulance Victoria, please visit their website.

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