Be an Olave

Olave is Girl Guides Australia’s program for young women aged 18-29.

It is completely run by and for 18-29s and offers young women the chance to continue the adventure of Girl Guiding, while taking up great opportunities in and outside Guiding by building friendships for life and gaining invaluable skills.

The program is flexible – you choose the level of participation that suits your circumstances! Young women participate in this program in either of two streams: as an individual or in a peer group and you can change between these streams at any time.

Check out the Girl Guides Australia online resource
Here you can find all the information that you have ever wanted about the Olave Program. Information such as “What is the Olave Program?”, “Olave Program Framework” and “Peer Group” information can all be found here.

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Joining Olave

To participate in Olave you must first be a registered Adult member of Girl Guides Victoria, this involves completing our Steps to Volunteer. There is no additional registration cost for becoming an Olave.

Curious about becoming an Olave?

Fill out our Olave enquiry form

If you are an existing GGV member and would like to join Olave please notify the Olave Manager. If you would like to register a new Olave Unit, please complete the Olave Peer Group Registration form.

Victorian Olave

The Victorian Olave Committee is elected by Olaves for Olaves and they work hard to provide an extensive range of opportunities to suit all Olave participants.




Olave Events

Victorian Olaves are able to participate in many events, training opportunities and international opportunities available by Girl Guides Victoria, Girl Guides Australia and The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Check out what International opportunities are available now!

Olave Awards

There are Awards that Olaves may work towards which offer participants the chance to extend their skills and interests, improve their qualifications/CVs and be recognised by their peers and the wider community. Find out more about Olave Program Awards on the Girl Guides Australia website.

Any questions? Contact the the Victorian Olave Baden-Powell Award Co-ordinator.

Please email any OBP Award related paperwork or mail to:

OBP Awards, Girl Guides Victoria
Suite 812, 401 Docklands Drive
Docklands, VIC 3008