Our People


The President

The President of Girl Guides Victoria is the Honourable Linda Dessau, Governor of Victoria.

On 1 July 2015, the Honourable Linda Dessau AM was sworn in as Victoria’s 29th Governor, the first female in the role.

Immediately before her appointment as Governor, she was President of the Melbourne Festival, Chair of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Victorian Regional Committee and a national Board member of the Trust, a Commissioner of the Australian Football League, a Trustee of the National Gallery of Victoria, a Board member and former Chair of AFL Sportsready and Artsready, a Board member of the Unicorn Foundation, and a Patron of Sports Connect.

In 2010 the Governor was made a Member of the Order of Australia for services to family law, and the community.

State Commissioner

The State Commissioner for Girl Guides Victoria is Mrs Lynne Emblin. She assumed this role in January 2014 after serving as Assistant State Commissioner for the previous two years.

“It is a great privilege for me to be State Commissioner of Girl Guides Victoria. I follow in the footsteps of many pioneering women who gave our organisation such a firm foundation to build on. For over 100 years many girls and women have benefited from the knowledge gained through being a guide and  we are very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who are prepared to share their expertises to ensure our girls have a positive experience.

We are also part of global community and this provides our members with opportunities to connect with guides and girl scouts around the world.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during my term as State Commissioner as I travel around Victoria.”

Lynne Emblin
State Commissioner

Governance Chair

The Governance Chair of the Executive Committee of Girl Guides Victoria is Ms Margaret Hansford.  She has been a member of the Executive Committee since May 2015 and Governance Chair since January 2017.

Margaret is a Management Consultant and has experience in service provision, policy management and program development.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer for Girl Guides Victoria is Ms Jennifer Fleming. She took up the role in May 2015.

Jennifer was a Girl Scout while growing up in the USA, and since that first experience of leadership has gone on to a successful executive and governance career with expertise in leadership development, strategic planning and program delivery in both corporate and not-for-profit organisations.

In the commercial sector, Jennifer has had senior General Manager experience at Medibank Private, ANZ and the National Australia Bank, with key roles in strategy, transformation and information technology. In the not-for-profit sector she has served on the Boards of Hagar International, an international NGO focused on trauma and recovery and economic empowerment for women and girls, and Gowrie Victoria, a leading early childhood education and training provider focused on children’s resilience and agency and lifting the skills of all who work with children.

Executive Team

Tess Birch

Occupation: Law student, paralegal
Executive Member since: 6 June 2016
Experience: Legal experience, governance, corporate fund raising, guiding experience


Holly Bracken

Occupation: Secondary School Teacher
Executive Member since: 28 May 2011
Experience: Education, administration, leadership experience and strong Guiding experience

Ann Cook

Occupation: Retired Manager, Research and Writing
Executive Member since: 30 May 2015
Experience: Administration, extensive Guiding knowledge, personnel management


Lynne Emblin

Occupation: Physiotherapist
Executive Member since: 1 January 2014
Experience: Extensive Guiding experience, personnel management


Margaret Hansford

Occupation: Management Consultant
Executive Member since: 30 May 2015
Experience: Service provision, policy management, program development


Janelle Howell

Occupation:  Risk Management
Executive Member since:  30 May 2015
Experience:  Risk and compliance experience, governance


Natalie James

Occupation: Accountant
Executive Member since: 1 July 2012
Experience: Finance, management and strategic planning


Elise Melican

Occupation: Paralegal
Executive Member since: 28 May 2011
Experience: Governance, legislative compliance and policy making


Pam Woodhams

Occupation: School Administration
Executive Member since: 1 March 2011
Experience: Finance, management


Nadine Gaskell

Occupation: Biodiversity Leader, Local Government
Executive Member since: 21 August 2017
Experience: Policy, strategy, planning and community education programs



Management Team

Membership of the management team is made up of the State Team, Region Managers, Department Managers and Staff Representatives.

Some of their responsibilities include to explore and develop new initiatives, consider actions to resolve current issues, recommend changes to policy, implement policy decisions and support the CEO int the roll out of the Strategic Plan.

Current members of the Management Team are:

 State Commissioner  Lynne Emblin  statecommissioner@guidesvic.org.au
 Assistant State Commissioner  Mandy Fitzgerald  mfitzgerald@guidesvic.org.au
 Assistant State Commissioner  Star McBean  smcbean@guidesvic.org.au
 Assistant State Commissioner  Sam Knight  sknight@guidesvic.org.au
 International  Sylvia Tyers  international@guidesvic.org.au
 Learning and Development  Louisa Watts  training@guidesvic.org.au
 Olave  Claire Moore  olave@guidesvic.org.au
 Outdoors  Nellie Bennett  outdoors@guidesvic.org.au
 Program  Maureen Reitze  program@guidesvic.org.au
 Risk Assessment  Renee Jackson  riskmanagement@guidesvic.org.au
 Barwon South Western Region  Lorraine Otway  barwonsouthwest@guidesvic.org.au
 Eastern Region  Nisha Leena Singha Roy  eastern@guidesvic.org.au
 Gippsland Region  Sue Viney  gippsland@guidesvic.org.au
 Grampians Region Marion Smith, Marianne Gilbert  grampians@guidesvic.org.au
 Hume Region  Jan Vonarx  humeregion@guidesvic.org.au
 Mallee Region  Vacant  mallee@guidesvic.org.au
 North West Region  Emily Bakyew  northwest@guidesvic.org.au
 River Region  Yvonne Stewart  river@guidesvic.org.au
 Southern Region  Janet Withers  southern@guidesvic.org.au
 CEO  Jennifer Fleming  ceo@guidesvic.org.au
 COO  Amanda Kelly  coo@guidesvic.org.au
 Management Services Officer  Jane Pennington  services@guidesvic.org.au

Staff Representatives

 CEO  Jennifer Fleming  ceo@guidesvic.org.au
 COO  Amanda Kelly  coo@guidesvic.org.au
 Afghan Program Officer  Razia Ali  rali@guidesvic.org.au
 Camping and Adventure Officer  Cat Anderson  adventure@guidesvic.org.au
 Community Development Officer  Melissa Reoch  community@guidesvic.org.au
 Event Coordinator  Katie Possingham  support@guidesvic.org.au
 Database & Membership Officer  Kerrie Morton  membership@guidesvic.org.au
 Finance  Marita Meehan  finance@guidesvic.org.au
 Management Services Officer  Jane Pennington  services@guidesvic.org.au
 Property  Rosemary Mason  property@guidesvic.org.au
 Business Support Supervisor  Claire McDade  guides@guidesvic.org.au