Matilda’s Masterpiece: Unveiling the Autumn 2024 Girl Guides Victoria Badge!

We are excited to unveil the chosen design for the first of our four seasonal Girl Guides Victoria badges!

Designed by Matilda, a Girl Guide from Lara, our Autumn 2024 badge captures the cosy, vibrant, transformational nature of autumn as an Australian Girl Guide.

(If you’re too curious to keep reading, scroll to the bottom of this article to view the badge in all its autumnal glory. 😊)

“I wanted to have a go [at designing the badge] because it involved three of my favourite things: Art, Design and Autumn,” Matilda told us.

“I love drawing and designing things and my favourite season is autumn because of all the amazing bright colours and all the changes you see.”

From relaxing treks through the outdoors to leaves that were once green transforming, before our eyes, into beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red, autumn really does act as a (seriously beautiful!) bridge from summer to winter. One that usually comes with far milder weather than its warmer and colder counterparts, which makes it an ideal time for all the fun outdoor and nature-focused activities that our Guides enjoy so much!

Matilda added that she was “very surprised and super excited” that her badge design was chosen.

“I ran around the house! I am excited to be getting a badge that I designed for everyone to share and enjoy.”

Bravo to Matilda for capturing these characteristics of Autumn and Girl Guiding so beautifully, and thank you to all the Guides who submitted a design. Every single design we received was wonderful. We can’t wait to see everyone’s designs for the next three badges!

The Autumn 2024 badge, the first of the Girl Guides Victoria Seasonal Badge Collection, is now available for order.

Our chosen design for the first addition to our 2024 Seasonal Badge Collection, designed by Girl Guide Matilda


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