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Policies and Procedures Category Guide

If you are looking for our traditional list of all GGV Policies and, please go to the All Policies page. If you are looking for the traditional link to all […]

Social Media and State Team Policies

Social Media Resources GO35¬† ¬†Social Media GG35¬†¬† Social Media GG35a Social Media Group Page Registration Form GG35b Media Permission Register GO45¬† ¬†TV Radio Appearances Respectful Behaviour Charter Code of Conduct […]

Planning for adventure (and sleepovers and camps)

If you’re a Leader or a volunteer, there’s important new information you need to know! Incorporating the Outdoor section of the Australian Guide Program in to your weekly Unit meetings […]

Public Relations (PR)

Brochures ‘We’re for Girls’ cross-fold brochure Brochure for professional printing¬†(with trim marks and bleed) Brochure for home printing (no trim marks or bleed) ‘Volunteer with Girl Guides’ cross-fold brochure Brochure […]

All Policies

Girl Guides Policies are freely available for all interested people to view and work with. Our policies, procedures and guidelines are all designed to ensure that the experience of girls, […]

All Procedures, Guidelines and Forms

Procedures GP4 ¬†¬† Infectious Diseases GP10¬† Emergency Procedure GP30¬† Private Property Checklist GP41¬†¬† Privacy GP42¬† Complaints (Updated July 2017) GP43¬† Grievance Procedure (Updated May 2017) Guidelines (Victoria) GG3¬†¬†¬†¬† Administration of […]

Activities, Events and Risk Management

Risk Management ADM56b Risk Assessment and Plan – Outdoor Activities, Events and Camps (PDF) ADM56b Risk Assessment and Plan – Outdoor Activities, Events and Camps (Word doc) ADM24 Notification of […]

Finances (incl CashBooks)

Finance Manual Finance Manual for people in Girl Guides Victoria handling money. Cash Receipt Record– refer to the Finance Manual for how/when to use this record Manual Cash Books Form […]


Facility Hire Licence Agreement – Commercial¬†¬† Facility Hire Licence Agreement – Private Individuals Policies GO31¬† Building of Guide Halls GO36 Property   You can find information on insurance related to […]


Detailed information about GGV Insurance can be found in the GGV Finance Manual v1.3. General Insurance The current Certificate of Currency can be requested by emailing Girl Guides Victoria.¬† Please […]