PR Resources for Leaders & Volunteers

Social Media Tiles

This is an ongoing Resource Hub which is designed to help equip you with the resources to aid in your recruitment efforts across Victoria. Click the below links to access PR resources and gain insight on how we use our social media channels to recruit volunteers and promote events at Girl Guides Victoria.

Social Media Resources

How to Use Workplace

How to Run a Fundraiser

An Example of a Newspaper Article Promoting Guides – Use This as a Format for Reference

How to: Write Copy / Wording for Your Girl Guides Victoria Content


Social Media Tiles

Posters and Advertisements


A4 Generic Poster of the GGV logo

10 A4 sized individual letters which make up the words
Girl Guides
G  I  R  L    G  U  I  D  E  S


Teardrop banner:

  1. Small teardrop banner (1.8m)
  2. Large teardrop banner (3.5m)
  • Printing side: double
  • Components: print and stand
  • Available through Officeworks

Girl Guides Victoria Origami Chatterbox

  1. Chatterbox for home printing – recommended (no trim marks or bleed)
  2. Chatterbox for professional printing (with trim marks and bleed)
  • Size: A4
  • Printing side: single
  • Paper: normal printer paper or similar
  • Folding instructions: on the chatterbox and also here

Lighthouse Statement & Workbook

Lighthouse Statement & Workbook (Colour version)
Lighthouse Statement & Workbook (Black & White version)



Logo Guidelines

Logo Guidelines

Guide to using the Logo to run a fundraising event






Right-click on selected logo and save image to your desktop


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