Child Safe Framework (GO44)

Since early 2017, Girl Guides Victoria (GGV) has been working to ensure our continued compliance with best practice in Child Safety. The GGV Child Safe Framework aims to provide a framework which GGV volunteers (directors, leaders, members, and helpers associated with GGV) and employees can utilise to foster a culture of child safety throughout the organisation, characterised by openness, awareness and learning. It is designed to signal GGV’s zero tolerance approach to child abuse and embed measures that protect children from harm.

The Framework also sets out the organisation’s commitment and approach to robustly responding to child safety concerns as well as to minimising risk of harm to children.

GGV has a commitment to empowering children as active participants in the organisation, with an important role in establishing a culture of child safety. The approach to this is included in the Framework.

And finally, the Framework has been implemented to ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities with respect to child safety.

Download a copy of the Child Safe Framework


Are you a Volunteer and need more information?

The Child Safe Framework includes a simple FAQ in case you’re unsure in any situation.

  1. If you need to report an offence that requires immediate police attention call the Police – 000  or,
  2. If you would like to talk to someone trained in Child Safety, you can login to your account and find a list of trained, Child Safe Officers within Girl Guides Victoria.
  3. If you need immediate assistance and the Girl Guides Victoria Child Safety Officer isn’t available, contact Child Protection Emergency Service – 131 278 


(You can find the Child-Safe incident form here.)

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