Super Daughter Day

Girl Guides recently attended a wonderful day of science experiments called Super Daughter Day at the Advanced Technologies Centre at Swinburne University. Work 180 organised the event in honour of International Women’s Day, and they shared some free tickets with Girl Guides!

We asked the girls about their experiences on the day, and this is what they said:

Victoria (8)

‘I went to the robot coding station. I learnt on an iPad all about coding a robot to do things – like getting it to stop when there’s a wall, and getting it to go backwards. I also went to the slime station to learn about salted water that you put in slime to make it solid.’

Eleanor (5)

‘My costume was Marie Curie. She’s my favourite scientist. I even had radium in my pocket and hair plus a Nobel Peace Prize. Scientists are superheros. I liked the electricity experiment best. I learned that electrons only move in one direction. I can’t wait to try my own science experiments at home.’


Zoe (11)

‘One of the activities was programming in Scratch to control a robot. The robot I used was called Kitten.’

‘Here I am holding a Megalodon tooth cast. Megalodons are a type of prehistoric shark that lived 2.6 million years ago. Dr Alice showed us some of the fossils she dug up from a place called Gogo in Western Australia. These fossils were even older than the Megalodon tooth; they were about 400 million years old!’


Issy (5)

‘There were different tables to do experiments at. I loved the table where I made blue & green slime the best.’


The SuperDaughter Day was a super day for all the Guides who went. We love seeing girls get excited about STEM!

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