Whitehorse Showtime presents ‘Turn the Page’

Whitehorse Showtime is a theatrical experience performed by Scouts and Guides, and is the largest of its kind. This year 175 enthusiastic and talented Scouts and Guides will take the stage, singing, dancing, and best of all: having a lot of fun.

‘Turn the Page’ is all about storytelling. Starting out in a library setting, it looks at how we consume stories at different ages. You’ll be presented with the nostalgia of story time, the ‘old school’ parent who can’t think beyond traditional words on a page, and the tech savvy children with interactive devices.

In the second act the audience is taken to a future world, where the ‘Screen Saviours’, led by the ‘The Moderator’, convince followers to consume content purely through screens. Siblings Charli and Bailey, fed up with the uninspiring, repetitive television they are being asked to produce attempt to resurrect live entertainment. Watch as they enlist the help of a ragtag troop of performers to create their Romeo & Juliet ‘song story’.

With an array of catchy tunes, witty humour and lively choreography this is a show for the whole family.

Performance schedule:
23 – 31 August 2018
Rover Night (show + party for all 18+ members): Saturday 24 August
Venturer Night (show + party for Guides aged 14-17): Friday 30 August

Purchase tickets online via the Whitehorse Showtime website.

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