Discover-a-Challenge Badge Resources

New resources are available for Leaders to share with Guides working on their Discover-a-Challenge badges!

The Girl Guides Australia (GGA) website has been updated to include user friendly Discover-a-Challenge worksheets provided as printable PDFs. The Discover-a-Challenge badges are also known as the Gemstones, and are the badges at the back of the Girl Guide Handbooks. The worksheets can be downloaded and used as a resource for Leaders to share with Guides to work on at home.

Visit the GGA website to download the resources!

The Discover-a-Challenge badges are a part of the Australian Guide Program Girl Recognition System. They are a series of 10 skills-based badges centred on the four elements of the AGP – Physical, Practical, People, and Self; and developed directly in line with the developmental milestones. They provide an opportunity for Guides to progressively challenge themselves and promote what are often thought to be the “traditional” skills of Guiding.

The badges have been named after Australian gemstones: Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst, Garnet, Agate, Zircon, Jade, Sapphire, Diamond, and Black Opal. There are minimum ages to start each level, but Guides don’t need to start at the first level (Turquoise).

The syllabus for the badges can also be found at the back of the handbook that corresponds to the age group for the Discover-a-Challenge badges.

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