Unlocking Quality Guiding

Girl Guides - Girl Rock February 1, 2020: Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Australia. Credit: Ryan C / Event Photos Australia

We all know that Guiding helps girls to grow, but how does that happen? Explore the WAGGGS Educational framework and discover its potential as a tool to make a real difference.

The WAGGGS Educational framework provides the building blocks for creating quality Guiding experiences. This series of online workshops provides practical information that can easily be applied when developing Guiding activities and events.

Workshop 1: Unlocking Quality Guiding (8 October)

This workshop was an overview of the main elements of the framework.

Workshop 2: Mindset of a Leader (5 November)

This workshop provided a basic understanding of the WAGGGS Leadership Mindsets, and explore the value of embedding them in our daily practice.

Workshop 3: Programing for Today’s Girl (19 November)

This workshop explored in depth the components that make a quality girl experience, one that is relevant, exciting, accessible and girl-led.

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