OarSome Highlights From Our Water Activities Days!

The Guiding year may have only just started, but our Guides are already soaking up all the fun and adventure that summer has to offer! On Saturday 24 February and Sunday 25 February, 180+ Guides of all ages and Leaders headed to the Guide and Scout Water Activities Centre in Sandringham for two epic state Water Activities days!

Dolphin Day, which was for Guides aged 5-9, kicked off the excitement on the Saturday. Our youngest Guides had a great time mastering the art of paddling in canoes, testing their balance on stand-up paddleboards, and building plenty of sandcastles along the way.

Sunday was all about OarSome Day, where Guides aged 10+ dove into a range of thrilling water activities.

From navigating the currents in their sailing boats and perfecting their knot-tying skills, to exploring the fascinating world of marine life with a workshop run by the Dolphin Research Institute, each activity helped our Guides build up their teamwork skills, confidence, and appreciation for the wonders of the sea. While having a splashtastic time on and off the water, of course!

A big thank you to our Leaders for planning and running these Water Days, and empowering our many Guides to explore, learn and grow in the great outdoors.


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