Staff Team – Joyce Price Centre Team (JPC)

Girl Guides - Girl Rock February 1, 2020: Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Australia. Credit: Ryan C / Event Photos Australia

Joyce Price Centre (JPC) Team


Chief Executive Officer, Amy Timoshanko

Amy oversees and conducts all executive operations within the Joyce Price Centre Team and Girl Guides Victoria.





Communications and Event Services

Head of Communications, Megan Hannan

Megan oversees and Girl Guides Victoria’s program of communications and marketing.

Contact Megan about:

  • Media enquiries
  • Opportunities and advertising
  • Brand, marketing and campaigns
  • Corporate engagements and partnership queries

E: communications@guidesvic.org.au

Communications Producer, Stephanie Alexopoulos

Stephanie delivers marketing and communications services at Girl Guides Victoria.

Contact Stephanie about:

  • Photography and Videography enquiries
  • Volunteer marketing resources and support
  • Marketing and PR enquiries

E: stephanie.alexopoulos@guidesvic.org.au

Communications Coordinator, Claire Hegarty

Claire delivers marketing and communications services at Girl Guides Victoria.

Contact Claire about:

  • Guiding News and Quicklinks
  • Member communications
  • Social media
  • Marketing and PR enquiries

E: claire.hegarty@guidesvic.org.au

Event Support

Contact Event Support about:

  • Girl Guides Victoria state event registration, payment and queries
  • Girl Guides Victoria training registration, payment and queries
  • Setting up event registrations
  • Event partnerships

E: support@guidesvic.org.au

COVID Support

Contact Covid Safe about:

  • Girl Guides Victoria COVID Safe measures and requirements
  • Pre-event COVID Screening process queries

E: covidsafe@guidesvic.org.au

Office and Volunteer Services

Volunteer Support 

  • Volunteer support
  • Compliance checks
  • Working with children checks
  • First aid checks

E: volunteer@guidesvic.org.au

Database and Membership Officer, Kerrie Morton

Kerrie is primarily responsible for the smooth running of our customer database, iMIS. Kerrie ensures data integrity and runs reports.

Contact Kerrie about:

  • Membership administration (including payments)
  • Trefoil Memberships and Newsletter
  • Blackburn Bursary fund enquiries

E: kerrie.morton@guidesvic.org.au

Guiding Services 

Camping and Adventure Officer, Cat Anderson

Cat’s role is to oversee compliance for all outdoor camps and adventurous activities (including risk management).

Contact Cat about:

  • Camp and adventurous activities, enquiries, OUT.01 and OUT.03 forms
  • Lonsdale Lodge management
  • Camping qualifications
  • Camping and adventurous activities, risk management assessment
  • Alternative methods of cookery
  • Orienteering
  • Possum flyer and low rope training enquiries
  • Expedition camps

E: cat.anderson@guidesvic.org.au

Community Development/ChildSafe Officer, Mel Reoch

Mel oversees the Community Guiding programs which includes our Guides in Schools program. These programs enable girls from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in Girl Guides. A large part of her role is to develop Guiding in flexible ways in new areas with a focus on enriching our membership to reflect our multicultural society as well as supporting and developing Guiding opportunities in rural and regional Victoria.

Contact Mel for information about:

  • ChildSafe
  • Guides in schools and community guiding programs
  • Connecting and working with diverse and disadvantaged communities
  • Community partnerships
  • Diversity and Inclusion resources
  • Guides Online (LONES)

E: mel.reoch@guidesvic.org.au

Community Leadership Officer, Leigh Younger

Leigh works to develop Guiding in new areas, particularly with the Indian community. She aims to recruit and support new volunteers, encourage the participation of girls and establish new Units, particularly within the Indian communities.

Contact Leigh about:

  • Connecting with culturally and language diverse communities
  • Supporting the participation of culturally and language diverse girls and women in Guiding
  • Increasing awareness of Guiding opportunities through promotional events.



Finance Services

Finance Team – Jacki, Fanny, Dawn

Please contact the finance department for 
  • Finance questions
  • Insurance questions
  • Bendigo Bank enquiries
  • Cash Book enquires

E: finance@guidesvic.org.au

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