State Team Report 16 November 2018

Our wonderful State Team

It’s been a busy month of celebrating, with the Queen’s Guide and Asia Pacific Award presentations at Government House, Britannia Park 80th Birthday Party and a Grey Kangaroo presentation, and lots of local level celebrations and camps around the state too.

It is always a special occasion to have your hard work recognised with an award presented by the Governor. Congratulations to the Queen’s Guides of 2018 and the adults who received Asia Pacific awards for their outstanding service to Guiding. Once again, the Queen’s Guide Association put on a lovely luncheon for the recipients and their guests following the Government House ceremony. Thank you to the team and please contact them if you are a Queen’s Guide from any era and would like to connect with others. At the luncheon it was fantastic to hear of the many and varied personal challenges the Queen’s Guides undertook, the adventures they engaged in with their Units, and the service they offered others. It was clear that they all live by the Promise and Law, and we are proud to have them as ambassadors of Guiding.

Over the last couple of months we have had two large state camps: Jamborella and State Lady Stradbroke Cup. Both were a great success! Jamborella offered a fun-filled adventure for our youngest Guides, aged 5-9. Thank you to the volunteer teams who planned and facilitated these camps. At Lady Stradbroke Cup 26 patrols worked together to set up camp, cook, and undertake challenges such as first aid and gadget making. A great time was had by all with Guides enjoying working with their teammates from their Unit as well as meeting other Guides from across the state. Thank you to the volunteer organising team led by Felicity Parkinson and Kate Ferguson for their organisation, time, and commitment to the event.

We have been inundated with invites recently, which is fantastic! While we do our best to attend as many occasions as possible, the more notice we have the easier it is to arrange. Please consider inviting us when putting together your term or semester plan or program, though if something last minute pops up we’re always keen to know about it and will do our best to get there.

Enjoy the last few weeks of Guiding with your Unit. If you haven’t already, it’s a great time to discuss a retention strategy with your co-Leaders and Guides. What can you plan with your girls that will have them excited to return to Guides in 2019?

We look forward to catching up with you all at Girls Rock on 2  February 2019!


Lynne, Star, Mandy & Sam

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