Sangam, India: Goddess Within Me 2019

Relax at Sangam while you discover and experience India and you.

Goddess Within Me is an introduction to diverse and ever-changing India. Learn about Hindu Gods and Goddesses as you immerse yourself in the country’s ancient culture and traditions.

Discover the Goddess within you as you take time to relax and unwind in the peaceful surroundings of Sangam. Take part in meditation and yoga.

On 16 October join celebrations to mark Sangam’s 53rd birthday.

Goddess Within Me is a Sangam Wellness event. Wellness events honour the Goddess/God within you! They are designed specifically with your health and wellbeing in mind. Spend time exploring your physical, mental, and emotional self and discover anew your point of balance during sessions designed to expand and enrich your life. Come to the birthplace of yoga to take time to reflect, move, learn, and grow, all in the supportive environment of your world home in India.

When: 13-17 October 2019
Where: Sangam, Pune, India
Who: Adult members 18+; Youth members 16-17
Australian closing date: 15 June 2019

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