State Camp Volunteers Are Superstars

Volunteers are a vital part of every State Camp. One of the coolest volunteering opportunities available at State Camps is being a Sub Camp Leader. Depending on the needs of the camp, Sub Camp Leaders may help with everything from brainstorming awesome camp activities to supervising the girls.

Jenny (‘Wren’) is a Leader with the Melton Wildflower Girl Guides. She’s volunteered as a Sub Camp Leader at Jamborella (2017 and 2018), and at a Region camp (2017). She’s also keen to be a Sub Camp Leader again this year’s Jamborella. She’s made awesome memories as a Sub Camp Leader, and you can too!

Jenny (right) is a Sub Camp Superstar

Why did you decide to volunteer as a Sub Camp Leader? 

I couldn’t wait to experience a big camp with Guides. I had heard so many Guides say that camps are their favourite thing about doing Girl Guides. I couldn’t wait to explore our Girl Guide campsites and see what they are like. They are all beautiful and fun. I was asked to come on board from other Leaders who I admire and look up to, and was able to talk to them often in a mentor-mentee way daily during camp, so I always felt supported.

What were the main tasks you did as a Sub Camp Leader? 

Organising the Guides into their camp patrols, getting them into their routines of patrol duties around meal times and getting ready for the day’s activities, checking in with other Leaders to delegate and assign tasks and trouble shoot or provide more support where it was needed. I had to be a good and frequent communicator with all adults on board.

What’s one thing that surprised you about being a Sub Camp Leader? 

That we do get opportunities for downtime, and if you are struggling with fatigue and needed a break, there were adults who stepped up, checked in with me and supported me. This shouldn’t be a surprise really, because I’ve met so many lovely adults in Guiding.

Did being a Sub Camp Leader help you to gain/develop any skills or experience? 

The patrol duties on camp were very involved, so asking the Guides who had often never done these tasks before in their Unit’s meetings or at home was sometimes challenging. I got a lot of experience at encouraging Guides to keep on track, help out their team, give something back, and preferably go above and beyond what was asked.

What was the best part about being a Sub Camp Leader? 

The people that I met! I loved all of the excited Guides faces during sign-in and their first day; I loved meeting all of the supportive adults there and having our daily meetings and chats to check in; and, finally, I loved seeing and hearing the families at pick-up being filled in and taking home tired and fulfilled Guides.

Would you like to be a Superstar?

Volunteer as a Sub Camp Leader! There are currently opportunities to volunteer at Jambo, Jamborella, and Jamboree.

Learn more about being a Sub Camp Leader, and the other State Camp volunteer opportunities here!

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