CashBook Step Three: Report

Your report is due by 31st March each year.

There are two ways to report to Guide Office. You can:

Submit CashBook online Submit via email

What you’ll need to submit

For each bank account that you will be reporting on, you will need the following:
– Signed and completed Statement of Receipts and Expenditure
– Bank account details – BSB and Account Number
– Fully completed Year End Audit Checklist
– Copy of the last page or your bank statement that shows the balance (as at 31 December, or the day the bank account closed – whichever is the most recent date).

For every group of cashbooks that you are responsible for (some people only prepare one set of cashbooks, other people are responsible for multiple cashbooks) you will need a fully completed Declaration. As part of this Declaration you’ll be required to certify that the information you’ve provided is accurate, and that you have disclosed all of the bank accounts that your Unit/District/Region is responsible for.

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