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All Procedures, Guidelines and Forms

Procedures GP4    Infectious Diseases GP30  Private Property Checklist GP41   Privacy GP42  Complaints (Updated July 2017) GP43  Grievance Procedure Guidelines (Victoria) GG3     Administration of Medication GG35   Social Media GG35a Social […]

Activities, Events and Risk Management

  Risk Management ADM56b Risk Assessment and Plan – Outdoor Activities, Events and Camps Girl Guide Incident Form Child Safe Framework Consent / First Aid Activity Permission and Health Forms […]

Finances (including CashBook)

Finance Manual Finance Manual for people in Girl Guides Victoria handling money. Cash Receipt Record– refer to the Finance Manual for how/when to use this record Manual Cash Books Form […]


Facility Hire Licence Agreement – Commercial   Facility Hire Licence Agreement – Private Individuals Policies GO31  Building of Guide Halls GO36 Property   You can find information on insurance related to […]


Detailed information about GGV Insurance can be found in the GGV Finance Manual v1.3. General Insurance The current Certificate of Currency can be requested by emailing Girl Guides Victoria.  Please […]

CashBook Process

Accounting for our Money Girl Guides Victoria collects money from our members to deliver a service to our members. Making sure that we are using the funds for the purpose […]

CashBook Step One: Collect

For the a number of years we have been collecting information using the ‘CashBook’ spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows for detailed recording of information required. Your auditor will need all of […]

CashBook Step Two: Review

To make sure that we’re collecting the right information in the right way, all records should be audited. Each bank account will have supporting documentation that you’ve collected over the […]

CashBook Step Three: Report

Your report is due by 31st March each year. There are two ways to report to Guide Office. You can: What you’ll need to submit For each bank account that […]