Are you our next Region Manager?

Are you ready to step into your next Girl Guiding challenge? There are opportunities available to join the Girl Guides Victoria State Team in the roles of Region Manager – Barwon South West, and Region Manager – Eastern Region.


Girl Guides Victoria (GGV) is part of the worldwide Movement of more than 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts operating in over 150 countries, and through Girl Guides Australia (GGA) is a member of the  World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).  

Girl Guides is a progressive, non-political volunteer led organisation that supports girls, young women and women to develop into and continue to be confident, self-respecting and responsible community members  by providing values-based, flexible and dynamic, non-formal educational programs and opportunities.  

Girl Guides embraces girls and women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, socio-economic groups and geographical areas, and provides a supportive environment within which each individual can extend  personal boundaries and be the best they can be. Organisational leadership at all levels is provided by talented, skilled and open-minded curious women.  


A challenging and rewarding position within Girl Guides Australia (GGA) as a role model for Managers, Leaders, and girls. The Region Manager (RM) is responsible for leading the Region Team. The RM provides support, guidance, feedback, and motivation to ensure a focus on the importance of the delivery of the Australian Guide Program (AGP), Learning & Development of adults and growth and retention for the benefit of Youth Members, seeing girls and young women discover their potential as leaders of their world. She will build strong connections between the Region Team, Leaders, girls, and the Community to ensure the Region objectives are successful and support the State Strategic objectives.

The role of the Region Manager primarily consists of: 


  1. Leading Guiding 
  • Prepare for, chair, and follow-up the Region Meetings; 
  • Build collaborative relationships with Managers in the District/Region/State Teams; Help and support other adult members; 
  • Share skills, knowledge, and resources with others; 
  • Maintain awareness of the GGV goals, initiatives, and plans; 
  • Maintain links with the Trefoil Guilds in the Region; 
  • Make recommendations regarding the opening, amalgamation, and/or closing of Districts; and,
  •  Attend meetings and events as required. 
  1. Leading Your Team 
  • Appoint an Assistant Region Manager and establish her areas of responsibility;
  • Manage Region volunteers including recruitment, selection, and appointment (including Learning Partners); 
  • Manage induction and review processes; 
  • Build and maintain positive relationships throughout the Region; 
  • Support adult volunteers to further their understanding and application of the Girl Guide Promise and Girl Guide Law; 
  • Encourage and model succession planning; 
  • Meet regularly with the Region Committee/Team and District Managers, and build a highly motivated team, developing and valuing each individual’s skills and talents; 
  • Encourage and model cooperation between Districts; 
  • Delegate tasks as appropriate; 
  • Provide opportunities for adult volunteers to develop and use their leadership and management skills;
  • Recognise and value the contribution of members in the Region; 
  • Promote and utilise the GGA Awards system for adult volunteers and various Region, State, and National Volunteer recognition systems; 
  • Work with Learning and Development volunteers to ensure Leader and Management learning/ training needs are met effectively; and, 
  • Support new Managers in the Region and, in consultation with their Learning Partner, oversee their development, complete induction responsibilities, and sign-off Passport activities as appropriate. 
  1. Manage Operational Risk 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment for all members and supporters; 
  • Comply with obligations under the relevant national and state Work Health and Safety Acts;
  • Comply with GGA and GGV policies and procedures; 
  • Ensure that the necessary risk assessment and risk management plans are completed;
  • Ensure Leaders and Managers have completed relevant risk management training; and,
  • Model safe work practices and actively seek to manage risk on an ongoing basis. 
  1. Managing Administration 
  • Follow current GGA and GGV policies and procedures; 
  • Ensure that appropriate records are maintained; 
  • Deal promptly with all correspondence and forms; 
  • Use the GGV database to generate relevant management records; 
  • Report on Region activities as required;
  • Ensure that an annual budget for the Region’s income and expenses is prepared;
  • Ensure accurate financial records are maintained and all bank accounts are with Bendigo Bank without exception; 
  • Complete annual audit/review requirements in the required time frame; 
  • Ensure that equipment and/or property is maintained in good working order; and,
  • Manage venue lease/hire agreements for Region managed properties in accordance with GGV guidelines/policies. 
  1. Building for the Future 
  • Set membership goals collaboratively and plan for the continuous growth and development of Guiding in the Region; 
  • Undertake promotional activities to educate and inform the community about Guiding with regard to and as part of the overall GGV Communication Plan; 
  • Support Districts to grow membership and optimise retention of members; 
  • Build relationships and communicate effectively with stakeholders in the community;
  • Attend and encourage others to attend relevant community events and ceremonies; and,
  • Encourage and support other adults to become involved as Leaders or Managers, or to volunteer in other roles. 
  1. Being Involved with Girl Guide Units 
  • Model effective communication practices by visiting and regularly communicating with Districts;
  • Take opportunities to participate in District and/or Unit ceremonies and special events; and,
  • Keep up-to-date with WAGGGS global actions and campaigns, and facilitate the sharing of good practices between Districts. 
  1. Requirements of Appointment as Region Manager 
  • Be a financial member of GGV; 
  • Hold or be working towards a Management Qualification as a Region Manager;
  • Satisfy Police and Working with Children checks; 
  • Hold (as a minimum) a First Aid Statement of Completion – “Provide Basic Emergency Life Support” (theory only); and, 
  • Demonstrate acceptance by modelling the GGA Code of Conduct. 


  • Being yourself and bringing a real sense of curiosity, fun and adventure to every element of this senior leadership role within GGV; 
  • Commitment to the principles of Guiding, and willingness to make or renew the Girl Guide Promise;
  • Commitment to the development of girls and women; 
  • Highly developed people skills including the ability to work collaboratively with others and to bring out the best in them; 
  • Sound planning, organisation, and management skills; 
  • Effective communication skills both one-on-one and in groups; 
  • A positive role model; and, 
  • Capacity and time to undertake the role.

Support Structures  

The Region Manager will have a number of support structures in place including: 

  • Mentor: A mentor, appointed in consultation with the Region Manager by the State Commissioner, to provide support throughout time in the role in agreed areas of skill development, and to act as a sounding board. 
  • Region Committee/Team: A Region Committee/Team, who can assist to champion across all aspects of Guiding for the Region and where possible across GGV. 
  • State Team Members: All members of the State Team including other Volunteer Managers (across Program, Learning and Development, International, Outdoor, etc.); Regional Managers; Assistant State Commissioners; and other women who form part of the State Team from time to time. You are encouraged to communicate regularly and collaborate with all members of the State Team. 

Additional Information 

  • It would be ideal for the Region Manager to commit to a three-year term (with an initial review at the end of the first six-months) on the basis that GGV is about to embark on a significant  period of transformation and change. This is an exciting time to be part of GGV’s history. 
  • Development of the Region Committee/Team to ensure that individuals within the team roll over, and that new members are added in a systematic, continuous way rather than have the whole  team roll over simultaneously. 
  • The core elements of the Region Manager roles are updated from time to time as published on the Guidelines for Girl Guides website.

Please direct all expressions of interest to Linda Kors, State Commissioner with the subject title Application – Region Manager, Barwon South East or Application – Region Manager, Eastern Region. 

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