Activities, Events and Risk Management


Risk Management

ADM56b Risk Assessment and Plan – Outdoor Activities, Events and Camps
Girl Guide Incident Form
Child Safe Framework

Consent / First Aid

Activity Permission and Health Forms for Youth Members (ADM 27)  (only available to logged in Leaders)

Online ADM27

OR Paper Consent/First Aid Forms for download:
ADM27 Activity Consent Form for Youth Members (pdf) – UPDATED FOR 2024!
ADM28 Activity Information for Activities – Adults – as at 30/5/23
PD02 Activity Permission Form A4
PD02 Activity Permission Form A5
PD07 Youth Member Record

ADM53 Guidelines for the Administration of Medication for Youth – as at 5/5/23
ADM53a Youth Members Medication Record – as at 5/5/23
ADM53b Youth Members First Aid Treatment Record – as at 5/5/23
OA17 Suggested First Aid Kit List


National Guidelines Activity Manual

Camp and Adventurous Activity Application (OUT.01)  (only available to logged in Leaders)

Online OUT.01

FAQ’s and brief instructions for the online OUT.01 form.

The online applications can be used for Unit, District or Region events.

Paper Outdoors Forms for download:

OUT.01 Camp and Adventurous Activity Application – UPDATED FOR 2024!
OUT.03 Camp activities report – as at 30/5/23
OA03 Trefoil 3 Camping Certificate Assessment Form
OA13 Boating Log
OA16 Snow Guidelines
OA17 Suggested First Aid Kit
Watercraft Held in Regions

Submit all Outdoor forms to the Camping and Adventure Officer at


Camp Parent Meeting Information
Camp Kit List
Information about catering for someone with Coeliac Disease


Youth Outdoors Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

GO3 Administration of Medication
GG3 Administration of Medication
GO11 Anaphylaxis and Allergy
GO6 Sun Protection
GO58 Children Who Are Non-Members at Residential Events
GO34 Members in Vehicles
GO37 Bus Usage

GO 10 Emergency Response/Fire Danger Ratings
GO15 Emergency Response in Case of Illness, Accident or Fatality
Code Red Fire Danger Information


Are you running a large local event and would like to run registrations centrally through the Girl Guides Victoria database?

Please note that it can take up to a week for registrations to open, and longer if the Events Coordinator has questions about your event.


If you are running a fundraising event, you will need to understand how to use the GGV brand and how insurance works. If you are running a raffle, you’ll need to refer to GO26 Policy Raffles

Events, Sponsorship and Fundraising Policies

GO5 Handling and Selling Food
GO14 Food Safety
GO25 Fundraising Bingo Nights
GO26 Raffles

For a full list of all Girl Guides Victoria policies, please got to All Policies. Looking for GGV Policies or Procedures or other forms or GGA Guidelines?

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